We have now submitted an Outline Planning Application for proposals at South West Birchington-on-Sea.

To ensure the application is as accessible as possible, we have published all the relevant documents online which are signposted clearly below so that they are organised into a user friendly and easily accessible order.

Local residents can comment on the documents via Thanet District Council’s planning portal by searching (planning application number: OL/TH/20/1755

Illustrative Masterplan

Whilst not submitted for approval, the Illustrative Masterplan provides an example of how the development might look when it is fully built out.


Design & Access (DAS)

A DAS sets out our overarching vision for the development at South West Birchington.  It brings to life the key design principles we have followed when developing our plans and which will be carried forward into future detailed planning applications.

Parameter Plans

The Parameter Plans identify where development is proposed to be located on the site as well as the location of open space and key roads and footpaths, both old and new. These plans set the framework that future more detailed planning applications must follow.

Access Drawings

These drawings show where the main new accesses will be across the proposed development.

Illustrative Landscape Masterplan

The Landscape Masterplan sets out our vision and approach to the delivery of green and wild infrastructure, including public open space as well as formal and informal play areas.

Development Specification Document (DSD)

This document lists all of the elements of the development that planning permission is being sought and sets out the maximum parameters (such as quantum of land uses, heights, density) for the development.

Planning Statement

The Planning Statement provides an assessment of the proposed development against relevant planning policies and why we believe planning permission should be granted.

Environmental Statement (ES)

An ES reports on the detailed findings of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS). A comprehensive EIA has been undertaken for the South West Birchington that looks at the impact of the development in a range of topic areas including, landscape, transport, cultural heritage, noise, air quality, climate change and range of other technical topics. The process ensures that all environmental effects, both positive and negative are taken into considerations and, where possible, that suitable mitigation and compensatory measures are secured to protect the environment.

A non-technical summary which provides an overview of the ES in non-technical language, which can be viewed by clicking on the report pictured.

We have broken down each chapter to make the document easily accessible so you can go straight to the chapters that most interest you.

Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment forms part of the EIA and assesses the likely impact of developments on traffic and transport both during construction as well as when development is fully complete. It also identifies any measures which have been incoporated into the scheme to improve accessibility.


Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI reports on the results of our extensive stakeholder and community engagement program me that took place across 2019/20.  It details the feedback we have received and how this has influenced the evolution of our proposals for South West Birchington.